Your all-in-one toolbox to build and grow your construction business.

Why juggle multiple apps when you can do it all here? Simplify your workflow with Skibby.

Create statements of work in real-time

Manage sub-contractors seamlessly

Handle payments effortlessly

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Honestly, is this the way to collaborate and manage your business?

Juggling contracts, invoices, and timesheets across spreadsheets, emails, docs, and whatsapp is inefficient and error-prone

Risk overpaying workers, suppliers due to human errors with manual processes

Wasting over 14 hours weekly on non-productive tasks like trying to find project info, fixing errors and untangling conflicts

Managing a single contract is labour intensive when multiple systems in use

The Skibby Way

Skibby is your game-changer: unite project teams, craft solid SOWs, and master milestones. Future-proof your construction business with our all-in-one digital powerhouse.

Skibby will take care of the admin

Centralise project data for quicker and smarter decisions

Boost productivity. AI-powered precision and speed for technical docs

Slash rework costs with real-time teamwork. Boost profits, ace projects

Step 1

Collaborate with your team in one place and cut down rework cost

Speed up your project delivery times.

Project collaborators can review, edit and agree on the Scope of Works and milestones in real time.

Reduce rework costs.

Collaborate on Estimations, takeoffs, technical scopes, method statements, and risk assessments faster using Skibby AI-assistant

Step 2

Automate accounts payable

No more overpayments.

A one-stop solution to manage your SoW/Contracts, project tracking, invoicing and direct payments.

Step 3

Keep Track of Spending, Usage and Profits

Instant Spend Reports.

Don't be in the dark with your project costs. Instantly harness your project data in Skibby for enhanced reporting

This is why 500 users like Skibby

"Skibby's seamless approach to resource management has transformed how we oversee sub-contractor resources at VEN. It's efficient, user-friendly, and truly addresses the challenges in our sector. A commendable solution.

I'm really looking forward to see them integrated with Procore Technologies"

Charles Medlicott
Managing Director

“Skibby Software has helped us work 8 times faster and saved us on average £1,575 per contract a year to manage. We manage over 200 contracts a year so the savings are huge.”

Alan Babbage
Senior Contracts Manager

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